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MinnesotaCare Eligibility (Oct 11th)

OLA audited the eligibility of MinnesotaCare enrollees to determine if they met requirements of the program. We concluded that the Department of Human Services generally complied with eligibility requirements for the population included in our audit scope. However, due to limitations in eligibility processes, MinnesotaCare coverage was provided to some enrollees who did not meet eligibility criteria at some point during 2017.

(541) 619-8292 (Oct 10th)

OLA conducted this selected scope audit to determine whether MMB had adequate fiscal oversight controls over shared business systems. We concluded that MMB’s fiscal oversight controls over shared business systems were generally not adequate. We found that MMB does not have a comprehensive funding plan for its shared business systems.

MNLARS Transaction Accuracy (Sep 25th)

OLA conducted a special review to determine the accuracy of transactions processed within the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS). We concluded that MNLARS generally calculated certain types of transactions (such as wheelage tax and sales tax) correctly, but inaccurate vehicle registration data within MNLARS and user errors resulted in some owners of similar vehicles being charged different tax amounts. There are several reasons for inaccuracies in MNLARS, including inaccurate data and programming errors within MNLARS, user errors, and complex laws. We make recommendations to the Department of Public Safety, Minnesota IT Services, and the Legislature for improvement.


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